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Newest Pocky Wall Paper - Ninomiya Kazunari

Newest Pocky Wall Paper - Ninomiya Kazunari

Aflac new CM 櫻井翔 in ZIP!

I love you and your English.

I love you and your English.

I do not wanna write this rant

Because I wanted this tumblr to be about 嵐 only,

and when I say 嵐, I mean the REAL 嵐, not random shit made up by those 週刊誌.

I mean, sure yes I admit I have no evidence to prove that Sho DID NOT DO IT

But do those magazines have evidence either? I DOUBT IT

People, it was from 週刊女性, literally, the book of lies. I do not trust one single word coming from that magazine.

I still remember the time I went into the book store and saw it on the shelf, with extra big bold font stating “Matsushima Nanako Blowjob Photos Exposed”

I picked it off the shelf and flipped to the page.

Not that I’m a pervert, but from that big fat title, you would expect to see related pictures, wouldnt you?And did I see any? No. It was just two pages of text filled with “According to an insider” “According to a close friend of Matsushima”

I didnt even bother to read it.

Reliability, validity, and credibility, do those magazines have any one the three?

Personally, I do not believe in the 東京駅 rumor.

Yes, it does match with his personality, it does seem like something he would do.

Then let me ask, Assuming the incident happened at 東京駅, one of the busiest train stations even at 10pm, on March 11th.That many people saw it, it’s been 22 days, it caused a 大騒ぎ(chaos) at the station, and nobody has posted anything online or tweeted about it till the magazine came out?

All I’m saying is, don’t believe in those for the love of god, they are not true.

The five of them are at their peak, if I were ever one of those retards I would write about the most popular ones too.

On the other hand, agreeing with a lot of other fans, even if this is true, I still love Sho as much as I have ever been.

All I can say is that the fans there were stupid. It’s JE, the rule is strict and simple, no photographs of them unless authorized. On the J-web app for iPhone, you don’t even see one single picture of them unless you log in.

And im sure fans in Japan know that better than anybody.

I know fans take pictures with their phones during concerts all the time, but that’s cuz they know nobody can stop them during such a “chaotic” situation. But that doesnt apply to プライベート though. 

Becoming the top, maintaining to be the top is no easy matter, I’m sure there are times where the five of them just feel like snapping out, not giving a crap of anything, and I don’t blame them for that.

Well, that’s all assuming the rumor is true.

Imma stop, I made my point.


I have been so so so busy lately I haven’t been able to watch any shows last week  nor come up and post anything…


I didn’t think it was gonna get here this soon so it totally made my day

But SO MANY OF THE PHOTOS I ORDERED were out of stock :(

as shown in the picture I didnt get one single group shop I ordered… T T

NINO IS THE CUTEST  I love them all :)

HOWEVER, did you guys know Johnnys shop’s bag is yellow?? 

lol idk i get excited about things like that dont judge..   ._.

Anyways, though i’m happy about Facedown…


I literally only had 7 dollars left in my checking last week.. not good 


Nino and Sho at News’ concert 2007

I swear I tried uploading this onto tumblr at least 20 times already in the past 24 hours it just wouldn’t work I have to go to youtube.. 

Sorry for the Chinese sub, this is the only version I could find.

Can’t believe it’s been 5 years already.. 

Sho kun is sooo buff LOL

Accidentally deleted mine…


How come only you have these kinda sexy photoshoots?

Anonymous submitted:

"痩せた not 痩せった how is your japanese soooo good though??"

lol i saw that this afternoon when i was re-reading it haha

i’m friends with a lot of japanese kids and we have relatives in Japan, we visit there a lot so i thought i would just as well learn it. It’s been 4 years already I would expect myself to be at this level.

LOL i forgot about this completely and went to nap..

anyways I only uploaded for the last 10 seconds haha 

Looking forward to 華嵐!

Anonymous submitted:

"in fangirling what does BIAS mean? and how about ICHIBAN?"

lol ok so I was never an Arashi fan in an american way so to speak, until I made this tumblr dedicated for Arashi, so yeah I didnt really know and use these terms either. Bias is basically in a group band who you like the most, you would be that-person-biased. For ichiban, I dont suppose there are other special meanings for it besides number 1 or the best.

Anonymous submitted:

"hi you are from san francisco but are you japanese? coz you look like asian :)"

Hi I am from the bay but I’m not Japanese.

I know even though your smile is full of confidence
you are really insecure about what you are capable of doing
have faith in yourself! not every guy can be as cute as you (#^.^#)

I know even though your smile is full of confidence

you are really insecure about what you are capable of doing

have faith in yourself! not every guy can be as cute as you (#^.^#)


Do i need to say more? 


Do i need to say more? 

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